31 Days with God for Fathers Book Review

31 Days with God for Fathers

31 Days with God for Fathers
31 Days with God for Fathers

This is an easy to read book, designed to read one bit a day. It is broken up in 31 days. I  think this is a very good book. I enjoyed reading it. Each Day started with a verse and then it shared a story about that verse. The starting verses for each day was from the Book of Proverbs.

This is a short read to add to your daily devotion for 31 days. Maybe you can read one chapter in the Book of Proverbs with each day of this read.

Not only does each day give you a devotional story, but it also gives you a prayer, a couple of quotes, and another verse from some where in the Bible that also went with the topic for that day. Plus it also has “Think It Over” with questions and answers for each day.

I highlighted things that stood out to me in the book, and this book was filled full of my highlights, too numerous just to share one or two. There were a lot of things that stood out to me as I read this book. I read this book during the month of August, since it has 31 days.

[pullquote]“These 31 easy-reading devotions provide help, hope and a touch of humor for busy dads. Each day for an entire month, you’ll be encouraged and energized by a meditation relating to a vital aspect of fatherhood — that always brings your thoughts back to the heavenly Father who cares so much about you.”[/pullquote]

The pull quote is from the back cover of the book, which sums up the readings.

My mom gave this book to me for my birthday.

31 Days with God for Fathers, ISBN #978-1-62416-884-0.

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