300 Cats Rescued from a Single Toronto Apartment

300 Cats Rescued from a Single Toronto Apartment – yes three hundred as in a herd of cats.

300 Cats Rescued from a Single Toronto Apartment

I guess this was one of those crazy cat persons hoarding cats. Surprising the cats were in good health. Ironically, this was the second time in three weeks were over 100 cats where found in a single residence.

“It’s a terrible way for cats to live, if you know that someone has too many cats, it is best to report it sooner rather than later. Unsterilized cats breed prolifically, and with only a nine-week gestation, things get out of control very quickly. To make a report in the City of Toronto, call 311 and you will be directed to the appropriate department.”

Toronto Cat Rescue
The 300 cats found in a Toronto apartment. (Toronto Cat Rescue)

No person can keep more than six cats in one dwelling unit, according to Toronto’s municipal code.

If you are in another town or city, check with your local city on how to report cat hoarding, or even animal hoarding.

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  1. I would think that there was a spay/neuter program cheaper than feeding 300… On the other paw “SPARTA!”

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