5 Ideas to Resurface Your Blog Posts

5 Ideas to Resurface Your Blog Posts – Want to resurface or re-purpose your blog posts? I share with you five ideas to bring life back to older blog posts.

5 Ideas to Resurface Your Blog Posts

Best thing to do is find an old post you want to bring life back into. It could be one that is trending or being popular again or just an old one that you want to draw attention to. I share with you five ideas to bring new life to that blog post. Also make sure to share your republished blog post on social media!

I have been trying to do some of these with my older blog posts.

5 Ideas to Resurface Your Blog Posts

1. Make Audio Record

Just make an audio record of the blog post. Upload the mp3 to the blog post and republish as new. Doing this will now also make your blog a podcast. As you can have an audio of what you had written.

2. Make Video Record

This works the same as the above, audio recording, except you do a video. You might be able to make a clever video with the copy you have in the blog post. Make sure to to put the video inside the blog post and republish it. This makes a video cast or video podcast. You can use YouTube, Facebook Videos and more.

3. Make Printable or Info Graphic

Maybe make a printable or info graphic. Make sure to share this on Pinterest! Just use the copy to make something catchy for the eye to see and print out and/or share over and over on graphic type social media networks like Pinterest.

4. Update Article

Maybe update an out-of-date article. Give new facts and such. Make sure to republish it!

5. Republish

Just get simple! Do nothing and just republish with a newer date.

Not sure what to blog about?

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