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Month: January 2019

1 min read

I Want to Draw a Cat For You – a cool idea of this one guy who wants to draw a cat for you. I saw him on this show called Shark Tank where he went before several investors for his business to draw cats for people.

1 min read

Storybook Staring your Pet – That is right! Submit a photo of your pet and this place will create a storybook about your pet.

2 min read

This is the full YouTube video from Ray Comfort and Way of the Master “180”. this video talks about the Holocaust. It parallels it to abortion & murder. This is a very good documentary a must watch. Comfort talks to people and ask them who Adolf Hitler is. See what people think he was in this video. Comfort also does the good person test.

1 min read

Meet Lazarus! No not guy from the Bible but this precious kitten that was rescued from the freezing cold snow.

1 min read

It is almost Super Bowl time and I was thinking of a football post to do and then I felt that I should write about sidelining God. Too often, we only want God when we want Him, not any other times. That often means we try to do things our way, instead of His. Doing that we are sidelining God.

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