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Month: August 2018

4 min read

Travel smart at pet-friendly hotels – Traveling with pets has become much more commonplace than it used to be. Rather than leaving cats and dogs home or in the care of others, many pet owners now take their favorite companions on the road.

2 min read

PTO Fundraising Alternatives – Some schools are saying they are limiting or getting rid of PTO and they are seeking ways to gain extra funds for the school. This one school is looking at Fundraising Alternatives.

4 min read

30 Vapor Rub Uses – That menthol rub we usually apply to our chest when we have a head cold or congestion also has other uses. Check out this list of 30 uses of  Vapor Rub. #VaporRub

4 min read

10,000 Turn to Christ at SoCal Harvest, 425,000 join in despite Bible Billboard Ban – More than 10,000 people responded to Laurie’s nightly invitation to make a commitment of faith in Christ by walking onto the field of Angel Stadium to pray with a Harvest team member standing by, or by indicating their faith decision through the SoCal Harvest live internet broadcast. #SoCalHarvest #GregLaurie

1 min read

Adopt-A-Cat Month ® In June by American Humane American Humane celebrates Adopt-A-Cat Month ® each…

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