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Month: May 2018

1 min read

Calico Cat Day – My name is Lilly Bug and I made a holiday called Calico Cat Day and Tortoiseshell Cat Day. #CalicoCatDay #CalicoCats #TortoiseshellCatDay

1 min read

The Barking Cat 🐈 My name is Lilly Bug and I am a Barking Cat. Yes! I am a cat and I can bark. Cats can memic sounds. #BarkingCat

2 min read

Learn the facts about feline leukemia – Sharing one’s life with a companion animal can be a testament to a person’s capacity to love and offer affection. Millions of people welcome cats into their homes, enjoying their playful antics and cheeky personalities. While cat owners should be aware of the many responsibilities associated with caring for cats, they also need to educate themselves about feline leukemia, a common and infectious disease.

1 min read

Cat Invader Poster – Here is a unique lost pet poster. Normally you will see lost please call. This is the opposite. Someone posted this cat poster saying this cat was trying to move in with them.

3 min read

How To Save Kittens from being Killed – With kittens across the U.S. in danger of being killed in shelters, Alley Cat Allies is offering its Wait Until 8 program to help animal shelters, humane societies, and communities work together to save kittens’ lives instead. #Kittens

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