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Month: May 2016

2 min read

We all know about the ripple effect of tossing a rock into the water, but in life we can cause ripple effects by our words and actions. We can either give off a good ripple effect or we can give a bad one. #rippleeffect

6 min read

DeMoss and American Bible Society to show a Six-Year Research Study Presents Complex Picture of the Bible in U.S. American Bible Society Seizes Opportunity to Increase Bible Engagement. #AmericanBible #Bible

4 min read

Sleep apnea is a debilitating and life-shortening ailment that affects millions of people across the globe, many of whom do not know they have this potentially dangerous condition. Understanding sleep apnea and its symptoms and risk factors is imperative for men and women who feel they have or may someday have sleep apnea.

3 min read

Routine maintenance can eliminate litter box problems. If you have children, you know they can slack on maintaining their chores to help keep the litter box clean. But, it is very important for us and the cat to keep up with it. #Cats #LitterBox

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