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Hobby Lobby Wins Contraceptive Ruling in Supreme Court

Hobby Lobby takes a stand against ObamaCare dealing with contraceptives and birth control that can especially lead to abortion. #HobbyLobby

Killed for being Christian
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Killed for being Christian

Killed for being a Christian: Would you gladly stand up and say you are a Christian and face being put to death or would you deny Christ and live?

Back Row Baptist
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Back Row Baptist

Are you a back row baptist? Do you sit in the back of the church? Do you sit in the same pew each service? I wrote this to give you some food for thought.

Long John Silver Priate Mascot
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Road Side Mascots – Show your encouragement

Road Side Mascots, Chick-fil-A cow, to Zaxby’s chicken, even Lady Liberty of Liberty Tax. Next time you pass a road side mascot, beep at them or stop and talk to them. Offer them some kind of encouragement. #encouragement.

Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus
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Muppets Choir: Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

Muppets Choir video shared on my blog. Listen as the sing a gospel song, Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus. This is a must watch and listen! #Muppets #Jesus

No Bake Cookies
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No Bake Cookies

No Bake Cookies: An Easy to follow recipe, this recipe my daughter loves to make. #NoBakeCookies #Recipe

Dads Kitchen on Strike
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Dads Kitchen is on strike

Dads Kitchen on Strike! Teaching a teenaged child about keeping up with the dishes. Using the Rod of Correction, “On Strike” #dad #dadskitchen #onstrike

Camouflaged in Sin - Can you see this peacock flounder from Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies
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Camouflaged in Sin

Camouflaged in sin, can sin be camouflaged where you don’t realize that you are sinning? Do you blend into the world or do you stand out? #sin #camouflage

Dragging the American Flag
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USA Soccer Fans: Disresepecting the American flag

It is sad to see the USA Soccer fans disrespecting our American Flag. Dragging it on the ground, writing their city on it in marker, and more. #USA #AmericanFlag

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Genius: Do you know who John Lennon is? the Beatles? How does Lennon relate to Christianity? Find out in this soul rocking video. #Genius #JohnLennon #Beatles

Free Movies
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Free Movies

Free movies! Yes, Free Christian movies to watch online! FREE MOVIES! Here is a list of some free movies/videos you…

Free Fish
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Free Fish & Fries – Dads take your kids!

Dads get your FREE FISH! Find out where & when! Also 3 different Bible topics you can share while eating your free fish with family. #free #fish #freefish

Prisoner Clipart
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An Inmate survives death row twice

An inmate survives death row twice is this the hand of God? Is this story true? If the story is true then what? If it’s not how do you know?

Mr. Steve at Hen Wallow Falls
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Hen Wallow Falls

Hen Wallow Falls, part of the Gabes Mountain Trail in Cobsy, TN. A great place to share a Bible story or a Psalm with your youth group or family. #HenWallowFalls

God's Creation, Ginormous Aquarium Style
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God’s Creation, Ginormous Aquarium Style

The Aquarium, a great place to share about God’s Creation. I review TN Aquarium in Chattanooga and the Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg. #Aquarium

Tennessee Aquarium
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Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga review

Tennessee Aquarium, located in Chattanooga, is another place to share with your family or group about God’s Creation. #Creation #Aquarium #Chattanooga

Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies
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Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies Review

I mention about Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies and how you can incorporate a Bible story, perhaps the Creation story. #Aquarium #Creation #Ripleys #Gatlinburg

Bliblical Times Dinner Theater - Builiding
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Biblical Times Dinner Theater Review

I do a review of Biblical Times Dinner in Pigeon Forge. Is the show good? How’s the food? I share my thoughts on this attraction. #Bible #PigeonForge #Dinner

Crock Pot Bowtie Lasgna
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Crock Pot Bowtie Lasagna

A Recipe for a Crock Pot Bowtie Lasagna. This is as simple as drop and go, for the most part. Visit this blog post for the recipe. #lasagna #recipe

Virginia Creeper Trail Sign
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Virginia Creeper Trail

I talk about a place to take your youth, family, friends, etc. The Virginia Creeper Trail. You can ride down this trail on a bike! #VACreeperTrail

Steve waves his white flag at the 2013 Unity Festival.
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White Flag

Do you wave your white flag? Do you surrender your all for Him? I talk about waving your white flag and share the Chris Tomlin song “White Flag”. #whiteflag

Mr. Steve, Agency D3 Youth Cadet Supervisor, Piedmont Baptist Church
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Remove your lids

I blog about “Remove Your Lids”. Removing your lid shows respect. When should we remove our lids? What is a lid? Find out in this blog entry. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Dear Mr. Atheist man
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Dear Mr Atheist allow me to destroy evolution in 3 minutes!

Dear Mr Atheist allow me to destroy evolution in 3 minutes! (The YouTube Video) Talking about how Evolution is wrong. Who is in this video? #evolution #creation #atheist

Steve at the Knoxville Zoo
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The Knoxville Zoo: A Place to Show Case God’s Creation

The Knoxville Zoo, My Christian Review. You can share several types of Biblical stories there including the creation story or even Noah and the Ark. #KnoxvilleZoo #BGBG2

Bible Gateway screen capture
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Bible Gateway Your Online Bible Source

Bible Gateway is your Online Bible Source. You can search by keyword or even type in the scripture verses you…