1st covid-19 vaccine done

1st COVID-19 vaccine done – I share about my experience and symptoms. #Pfizer #COVID19Vaccine

1st COVID-19 vaccine done

1st COVID-19 vaccine done - I share about my experience and symptoms. #Pfizer #COVID19Vaccine

I Got the Pfizer. I did mine at Walgreens. They made me sit in a chair for 15 minutes then I was able to leave.

My Next dose and the last dose in a few weeks.

I did experience a metallic taste just after the COVID-19 vaccine was administered.

In this blog post, I share more of my experience and symptoms of taking this special vaccine.

My Arm felt a little sore afterward for a little bit. But it didn’t last for me. I have heard others say there arm really hurt bad for days.

It did not burn going in. I barely felt them prick me as they administered the vaccination.

I did get Slight headache with mine. But it didn’t last. But I am also unsure if it is also one of my normal headaches I get often. I have heard others say they kept a bad headache for days.

If I experience more I will update this post about it.

Studies are Saying that you should not take Tylenol etc before the vaccine either. It makes it less effective.

Your symptoms could vary based on the type of vaccine for COVID-19 you receive, your health conditions and other factors too. Way-FM was sharing that men seemed to have less symptoms than women. But, they also said maybe because most men don’t report or they ignore a lot of those. Yet, when they get the cold they are down for the count.

I am sure this may be similar to flu shot, that we get this each year. (As this seems to mutate and change too.)

Stay tuned, I will share about my 2nd COVID-19 Vaccine once I get it.

To register for your COVID-19 vaccination, contact your local state Health Department, Doctor and/or pharmacy. (Some states have requirements to get yours!)

Did you get your COVID-19 Vaccination?

If so, feel free to share about your experience.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am not getting it cuz I’m the 1% they refer to as the one affected negatively. I always get what they’re trying to keep me from getting. Also, I gave too many complications already. Otherwise I feel fine, God bless you, and have a nice day.

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