135 Blog-Post Ideas for Christian Blogs

135 blog post ideas for Christian blogs

135 blog post ideas for Christian blogs. Stuck at what you want to blog about? Maybe these blog post ideas will help you come up with a new blog post or more. How about 135 new blog post?

135 blog post ideas for Christian blogs

These 135 blog post ideas for Christian blogs could work for any blog but that majority of these will be geared for a Christian blog. Who knows with this list, you could gain 135 new blog post more more!

135 Blog Post Ideas for Christian Blogs

    1. Your salvation experience
    2. Share your testimony
    3. Blog about your church
    4. Talk about your pastor
    5. What do you like most about your youth group, Sunday School class or small group
    6. What do you like least about your youth group, Sunday school class or small group
    7. Why did you start blogging
    8. Who’s influenced you the most in blogging
    9. Discuss about any awards your blog won
    10. How long of you been blogging?
    11. Blog about your blogging anniversary
    12. What is your favorite Bible verse and why?
    13. Who is your favorite Bible character and why?
    14. Share your favorite book of the Bible And why?
    15. What is your favorite translation of the Bible and why?
    16. Best Christian movie you seen and why
    17. Talk about your favorite Christian bookstore
    18. Who is your favorite Christian music artist
    19. What is your favorite Christian song
    20. Discuss about the song that inspires you
    21. Share your experience at a youth trip or Christian conference or Christian concert
    22. Talk about your favorite Christian book
    23. Discuss your favorite Christian book author
    24. Share the Christian blogs you follow
    25. Talk about the Christian related mobile apps to use
    26. What is your most popular blog post
    27. What social media platforms are you on
    28. Talk about your family (spouse, children, mom, dad, Brothers, sisters, etc.)
    29. Got any other ideas for blog post? Share them in the comments below.
    30. Talk about your profession your occupation
    31. Discuss any degrees in college if you went to
    32. Your fondest memory of youth group or youth trip
    33. Share your favorite recipe
    34. Post facts about your birthday, like other famous people who has a birthday with you, events in history on your birthday. Etc.
    35. What is your favorite holiday and why?
    36. Discuss any childhood memories you have
    37. Share any poems you wrote
    38. How has God provided for you?
    39. Tell how God has protected you
    40. If you’re married talk about your wedding night.
    41. Give tips about something (10 tips for …) or any number
    42. Talk about the car you drive
    43. Share craft ideas
    44. DIY (Do-It Yourself) home repair or other kinds of DIY
    45. How to guide (How to do something)
    46. What are you passionate about
    47. Talk about a mission trip you went on
    48. Share pictures and discussed a vacation you went on
    49. What is your favorite time of the year (fall, summer, spring or winter)
    50. Share your life experiences
    51. Talk about how you overcame something
    52. Christmas traditions
    53. Thanksgiving traditions
    54. Memorial Day traditions
    55. Labor day traditions
    56. Fourth of July traditions
    57. Easter traditions
    58. Family traditions
    59. New Years Resolutions
    60. Do you do Halloween why or why not
    61. What goals do you have

  1. Share your Buck list
  2. Did you serve in any of the military branches talk about what branch and why
  3. Most embarrassing memory
  4. Favorite sport and why
  5. Talk about your favorite sport team
  6. Do you have any hobbies talk about them.
  7. Talk about things you like to collect
  8. If you are an artist show your work
  9. Share any medical experiences, like surgeries you’ve had Etc.
  10. Talk about your favorite color
  11. Share Who your favorite cartoon character is and why
  12. iPhone, Android, flip phone or other cell phone preference
  13. Mac or Windows computer operating system preference
  14. The best restaurant to eat at in your town
  15. What are you thankful for
  16. What charities or ministries do you support
  17. Talk about your favorite wild animal
  18. Share pictures of your pet(s) talk about your pet(s) … you could even do one blog post for each pet
  19. What do you see when you look into the mirror
  20. If you could go to a foreign country what country would you go to and why
  21. Do you offer guest post? If you do blog about guest post opportunities.
  22. Have you been a guest blogger on another blog? If so talk about that with the link to that blog. Don’t rewrite what you wrote on yours but give the exhortation of it and link it to that blog.
  23. Maybe you can share how your routine as how you do your blog posting. How you do your research. What do you do to get your blog post ready. And how you share your blog post to other places.
  24. If you’re single, blog about what you’re looking for in a future spouse.
  25. If you been dating and have dating experience share about your dating tips and experiences.
  26. Know any acronyms? Share them.
  27. make a printable, something that people can print out.
  28. Re-surface or repurpose an old blog post. Once you do that republish it.
  29. Blog about your milestones on your blog. Like I posted 1000 blog post. Or I got 1000 page views in one day. Things like that.
  30. Blog about future events you plan to go to.
  31. Write something for satire, that’s make believe made to be humorous
  32. Blog about your first time doing something
  33. Talk about your favorite flower
  34. Discuss about your favorite TV show and why
  35. Do you like traditional or contemporary worship services and why
  36. Where you in the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts talk about that experience(s).
  37. If you like Bible Journaling, talk about your experiences with it. Show off some of your work.
  38. Do you take notes while you’re at church, during your small group or worship service? If you do talk about your experiences with it. Maybe share some of your notes on your blog.
  39. Share your prayer request
  40. Do an about me page that talks about yourself
  41. Create an about page for your blog ministry and talk about what your blog ministry is about and it’s purpose
  42. Review items, movies, attractions etc. some places will give you things for free to do a review on.
  43. Make a video and share the video (or an audio file) on your blog
  44. Talk about where you grew up
  45. Tell about the high school or college you went to.
  46. How did you come up with your blog name
  47. Where do you like to go to do your quiet time
  48. Do you have a prayer closet or prayer wall talk about that
  49. Why do you do something a certain way
  50. Do a question-and-answer series
  51. Check your comments, sometimes those can turn into a blog post
  52. Do a blog series on different things are parts of the Bible
  53. Talk about where you met your spouse or the person you’re dating
  54. Do you offer any services if so talk about that in your blog
  55. Talk about other ways you promote your blog outside of social media
  56. Share your top 10 blog post for the month
  57. List the top 10 visiting countries to your blog in that month. Including a thank you to each of those countries.
  58. Do I think your blog post for thanking people for visiting, commenting and sharing your blog post.
  59. What is the worst idea yo ever had
  60. Tell a joke and share it on your blog
  61. What is the best idea you ever had
  62. Are you optimistic or pessimistic?
  63. Share your mission statement, if you have one
  64. Do you have an accent talk about that, maybe send an audio file for people to hear
  65. What makes you tick, talk about that
  66. Are you into fitness, talk about that
  67. Do you like to sing? If so, post a video o me audio of you singing
  68. Does your site have authors? If so blog about each author you have. And share some of their top blog post.
  69. Why (soft drink) is your favorite soft drink
  70. What snacks do your children like at church that you fix
  71. Have experience with food allergies share about that
  72. Would you rather go to the ocean, lake or the creek in the mountains. Talk about that.
  73. Maybe create a devotional for 30 days and blog a new devotion for the next 30 days.
  74. Create a 135 blog post ideas list yourself based on your niche or blogging style etc.
135+ Blog Post Ideas #BlogPostIdeas

Any more blog post ideas?

Feel free to share other blogging ideas that you have in the comments below.

You can also check these Blogging Prompts.

I hope you enjoy and can use these 135 blog post ideas for Christian blogs. If this list was helpful for you, please feel free to share in the comments below.

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