130 Myths You May Have or May Not Heard About

130 Myths You May Have or May Not Heard About – A huge list of 130 different types of myths or wives tales. You must read them to see them all. Too many to list and go over for a description. #Myths

130 Myths You May Have or May Not Heard About

130 Myths You May Have or May Not Heard About - Here is a list of 130 myths or wives tales.
  1. If a pencil falls into the carpet and sticks straight up, you will soon see financial gain.
  2. If you drop a comb or brush while you are using it, you will have a disappointment that day.
  3. You will have harmony in your relationship if you kiss your sweetheart outside under the full moon.
  4. Never read your horoscope on a day that you are in an important competition.
  5. Trim your nails on Tuesday, and you will have luck with money.
  6. It’s unlucky to see a rabbit on the road, especially if you are traveling on foot.
  7. Don’t give shoes as a gift to your lovers — he/she will walk out.
  8. If you’re playing a sport, don’t share your equipment with a teammate. Bad Luck!
  9. If you find a white hair on a black cat, you will have good luck.
  1. If the coffee grounds in the bottom of a cup form a straight line, there will be a funeral soon.
  2. Be careful getting dressed! It’s bad luck to fasten a button into the wrong buttonhole.
  3. If you dream of a crow, you will have financial difficulties and disappointments.
  4. If a child cries during the christening, the child will be fortunate.
  5. Hanging a horseshoe in the bedroom will keep bad dreams away.
  6. If you burn onions, make a wish — it will come true!
  7. Plant rosemary near the front door to keep evil spirits away.
  8. If a child is recovering from an illness, place red ribbon near them.
  9. If the soup is too salty, it means the chef is in love.
  10. Beds should NOT face north/south or the sleeper will have bad luck.
  11. If a shoelace won’t stay tied, you will receive good news.
  12. If you dream of someone who has died, it is a warning. Be careful.
  13. If it’s storming as you get your hair cut, you will have good luck.
  14. Tie a knot in your handkerchief to ward off bad spirits.
  15. If your palm itches, money is coming — so don’t scratch it!
  16. If a stranger plants parsley in a garden, great trouble will befall the owner.
  17. Unless you were born in October, it’s bad luck to wear opals.
  18. If you drop an egg and it smashes, you will hear good news. If the egg is undamaged, you will hear bad news.
  19. Putting a shirt on inside out, by mistake, is very bad luck for the day.
  20. If you sweep trash out the door after dark, a stranger will visit.
  21. A firefly in the house is very bad luck, but don’t kill it! Release it back outside instead.
  22. If you can hold your breath the entire time you’re driving through a tunnel, you can make a wish.
  23. If your second toe is bigger than your big toe on both feet, you will always run your household.
  24. Make sure you get out of bed on the same side you got in, or you’ll have bad luck all day.
  25. If you are given something sharp, you must give the person money in exchange or it will cut your friendship.
  26. Only pick up pennies with “heads“ showing or they will be bad luck.
  27. If you fall asleep in a chair, you will soon misplace something important to you.
  28. For good luck playing cards, blow air through them as you shuffle the deck.
  29. If you dream of losing your teeth, you are still anxious about a recent discussion or event.
  30. If you move into a new house on a Friday, you will not be living there very long.
  31. Jade is lucky, in China. Parents make their children wear jade bracelets to protect them from harm.
  32. When you plant your garden, it will be more successful if the rows are going from north to south.
  33. It’s risky to begin a project on a Friday — especially sewing or other handicrafts.
  34. In England, black cats are lucky and white cats are unlucky, but in America it’s the other way around.
  35. Odd numbers are luckier than even numbers — with the exception of the number 13, of course.
  36. Finding a pencil on the street is considered to be good luck.
  37. If you dream that you are dancing, it means that good fortune is on its way!
  38. If you put an acorn on a windowsill, it’ll keep lightning out.
  39. An onion cut in half and placed under the bed of a sick person will draw off fever and poisons.
  40. If you drop scissors, watch out! It means your lover is being unfaithful to you.
  41. If you dream of an empty airport, it means your upcoming travel plans will be delayed or cancelled.
  42. Pictures of elephants bring good luck, as long as they’re facing towards a door! If you don’t it will force the good luck out.
  43. It’s very bad luck to count the cars in a funeral procession.
  44. If you dream of fish, it means someone you know is pregnant.
  45. If you spill pepper, you will have an ugly argument with a friend.
  46. Carrying an acorn in a pocket will bring you good luck.
  47. It’s bad luck to hand someone a knife. Instead set it down and let them pick it up.
  48. It’s good luck to start a new project during a new moon.
  49. Crickets in the house are very lucky, but they take the luck with them when they leave. Also protects a home from harm. Gifts with a cricket theme make lucky housewarming presents.
  50. If you see a cat cleaning itself on a doorstep, you will have a visitor.
  51. Finding nine peas in a pea pod will bring you good luck.
  52. It is very bad luck to have dead plants in the house.
  53. Don’t put new shoes on a table — it’ll bring bad luck to the house.
  54. If a clock stops, you will soon receive bad news. If your watch stops, the bad news will be from a loved one.
  55. Carry something orange in your pocket if you re facing a difficult test. It will bring you luck.
  56. It’s bad luck to leave a book open overnight or store a book with the pages showing rather than the spine.
  57. A chestnut carried in your pocket will bring you luck — and rubbing it gives extra ‘punch’ of luck.
  58. If you stub your toe, turn three circles in the direction of the injury then make a wish.
  59. While playing a game, it’s bad luck to drop a die (or both dice) on the ground. Blow on it to clean the luck.
  60. If the batteries in an appliance die, it’s bad luck to replace them with batteries from something else.
  61. Brides often sew talisman inside their dresses — rosemary for luck, a feather for fidelity.
  62. If your ear itches, someone is talking about you. Remember this: “left for love and right for spite.“
  63. While fishing, don’t count the ones you catch! If you start counting, you’ll catch no more fish.
  64. If you see a dog eating grass, watch out for rain!
  65. Money attracts money. Keep at least one bill hidden in the back of your wallet or purse, and don’t spend it.
  66. Don’t store a shovel inside the house or keep it as close to a door as possible. It attracts bad weather.
  67. A ladybug brings good luck. More spots and a darker color shell, the better luck you will have.
  68. After you move, put a dab of butter on your cat’s feet or it will run away from the new house.
  69. In basketball, the last person to make a basket during the warm-up period will have a great game.
  70. When you eat a slice of pie or cake, start with the wide end. When you get to the tip. you can make a wish!
  71. Before moving into a new house, burn fresh sage or other “smudge“ in each room. It’ll get rid of bad spirits.
  72. A pregnant woman should not touch eggs or eggshells until the baby is born to ensure a smooth delivery.
  73. Wear a blue string around your wrist if you are facing a big challenge. It will bring you luck.
  74. If you drop an apple, you will soon receive bad news.
  75. If you put a rose petal under your pillow, you will dream of a loved one.
  76. If you trip falling up a stair, a secret will be revealed.
  77. If a cat sneezes three times, the family will catch a cold.
  78. If you dream that you lost a valuable possession, someone lose to you is keeping a secret from you.
  79. If you whistle at night, burglars will be attracted to your house.
  80. Hiccups are a sign that someone from your childhood is remembering you.
  81. If a picture falls of a wall without the glass cracking, you will whether a challenge ahead.
  82. If you sneeze while someone else is talking, it means that what they are saying is true.
  83. After you cut a loaf of bread, it is bad luck to turn it upside-down.
  84. If a light bulb ‘pops’ when you turn on the lamp, replace it with a new one before the sun comes up.
  85. It is bad luck to squabble during a thunderstorm.
  86. A rainbow after a storm means that someone has forgiven you.
  87. It is bad luck to give parsley plant as a gift. However gifts of rosemary or basil bring very good luck.
  88. If you get the hiccups in public, it is a sign that someone is thinking fond thoughts of you.
  89. It is very good luck to park in between two red cards, or to live between two red houses.
  90. Eat fish from the head toward the tail. If you eat in the other direction, you will soon face times of hunger.
  91. You will improve your financial success if you look at something gold just before going to sleep.
  92. It is good luck to sneeze three times in quick succession.
  93. If you are walking alone at night, hold tight onto a silver coin to ensure you will make it home safely.
  94. If you walk through a spider web without seeing it, you will soon receive some money.
  95. If you give shoes as a gift, that person will walk away from you some day.
  96. If you place a pebble in a newborn’s crib, that pebble with bring good luck through the rest of his/her life.
  97. You will have a year of bad luck for every day you leave a doll (or other human likeness) face-down.
  98. If you fall into a lake or stream, the wish that you make at the next full moon will come true.
  99. If a shoe falls off while you are walking, you will soon receive an intriguing offer.
  100. If bird droppings land on your shoulder, you will have a year of good luck – on your head, give years.
  101. Always extinguish a candle before the wick burns down. The last flicker of a candle can summon bad luck.
  102. If you drop your fork and knife together, it means that you will soon have visitor from far away.
  103. If you forget something and have to go home to get it, sit down before leaving again or you’ll have back luck.
  104. If you yawn without covering your mouth, you are inviting evil spirits to enter your body.
  105. In the Hindu culture, it invokes the wrath of the gods to enter the kitchen wearing shoes.
  106. The shape of a triangle or pyramid above your bed will lead you to have prophetic dream.
  107. If you can see through a house from the front door to the back, you’ll always have problems with money.
  108. If you’re pregnant and craving salty foods, you’ll have a boy. If you’re craving sweets, it will be a girl.
  109. If a friend is pregnant, have them pick up a key. If they lift it by the round part, it will be a girl.
  110. When eating pie, cut off the pointy tip and push it to the side. Eat it last, and you can make a wish.
  111. If you sing while alone in a house, you will welcome good spirits to protect you.
  112. Do not lend money to someone on a Monday. Money lent on Mondays will not be seen again.
  113. Giving perfume to a romantic partner can be bad luck. It will attract a third party and ruin the relationship.
  114. Don’t leave your purse or wallet on the floor, or you will have financial difficulties.
  115. If you bite your tongue while eating, it means you have told a lie.
  116. If you leave a used handkerchief on the floor, your sickness will last twice as long.
  117. It is bad luck to leave an empty cup out in your house. They should always be stored in a cupboard
  118. Place a penny into your pillowcase to have good luck the following day.I
  119. t is bad luck to give unlit candles. You should always burn the wicks of candles briefly before giving them.
  120. It is very good luck to see an animal sleeping on a doorstep.
  121. Never display an empty picture frame, or evil spirits will occupy that space. Put empty frames face-down.

If you know of any more Myths You May Have or May Not Heard About let us know in the comments below.

But of course, we all know these are just myths. One thing that is not a myth …

That Jesus Died for our sins!

We must Admit that we are a sinner!
We Must Believe that Christ died for our sins.
We Must Confess our sins before the Lord and Repent, turn away from our sin.
We Will Be saved!

We need to put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Trusting these myths say we do not trust God. Believing these myths is an idol. I know we all have heard them from time to time. They are not Biblical Stop using them! There are tons more myths and wives tales out there, these are just some of them.

First published in 2012. Last updated or republished July 28, 2020.

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