10,000 Plus Pageviews in one day

10,000 Plus Pageviews in one day! The best yet on this blog! I totaled 10,583 on that one day.

I had a blog post go viral on October 24, 2019. It was a blog post giving bad news about …

TobyMac’s Son, Truett Foster passing away.

I didn’t mean or think it would go viral. But, it did. At day now is the best pageviews time for Courageous Christian Father.

But, it was something that my readers needed to know, as I am a TobyMac fan. Plus, he’s a Christian Music artist. We’ve got to pray and lift up our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Sometimes doing a Christian Blog like this, I do have to break some bad news or shocking news.

I even got three notices about stats booming on that day. Showing in the image here.

I’ve on this domain since 2012. My prior best day was in 2016, with over 4,000 pageviews. I’ve been blogging much longer than that. Like 17 years now overall.

I give all the credit and glory to God.

Anyways continue to keep the family and friends of TobyMac and Truett Foster in prayers!

Stay tuned to Monday where I will feature a Tobac song he wrote about when his son moved out of his home.

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