1,000 Published Blog Post!

1000 blog post
1,000 blog post
God given the glory first and foremost!

This is my 1,000 Published Blog Post! I have been blogging since 2004. I first started on LiveJournal. I use to blog about two hobbies of mine. Collecting Business Cards and Currency Tracking on Where’s George.
I switched from LiveJournal to a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog. I had a domain name that was related to the hobbies I had then. I forgot to renew that domain name so I lost it.

But right before I did, I gave the blog over to God. I Stopped those two hobbies. I felt them pull me away from God. So I then registered this domain name in 2012. Recently, 2015, I had to upgrade from shared hosting to private server hosting. All of this comes out of my own funds.

I just felt God lead me to do a blog ministry to help reach the lost. Having a blog ministry has been able to have this blog reach pretty much around the world.

Some of those blog entries carried over through the different blogging platform. Plus, I also have got rid of those blog post that pertained to those hobbies, unless it talked about how and why I stopped those hobbies.

I plan to continue this Christian Blog Ministry as Long as God will allow me to. I will share the Gospel. I will share family related things too. Such as events, reviews, recipes and even crafts. But first and foremost it will be sharing Christ with you. I also try to cross-promote with other Christian Ministries too.

I want to thank everyone who has subscribed, read, commented and shared any blog post. I pray that you continue to read, comment, stay subscribed and share blog post. If you are not subscribed, please make sure you follow today so you won’t miss a blog post!

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