10 Reasons Christians Don’t Evangelize

10 Reasons Christians Don’t Evangelize. Yes, there are many more reasons why Christians won’t evangelize, but I share with you ten of those reasons.

10 Reasons Christians Don’t Evangelize

There are many more reasons why people don’t evangelize, but I wanted to share the 10 I believe are big ones. This list is in no particular order either.

10 Reasons Christians Don't Evangelize

1. It’s the Pastors Job!

Too often the church members think it is the job of the pastor to evangelize. They don’t see that we are all called to go and share the gospel to the lost. This is one the biggest mistakes we all miss. We as the church, are called. to share. That means all of us together, a since of unity! That is why you should go to your grow or outreach ministry and help invite people.

The Church Is Called To Go Out Not To Sit And Wait For Them To Come

2. No time or lack of priorities!

Another reason is people don’t make time for God to share the good news. You will make time for the things you love. The Bible tells us if we love Him, we will obey Him. One of the things Jesus loved is the church. We would want to see others saved too. If we truly loved Jesus, we would make time if we loved the church. Plus, we all say we don’t have time, but we make time for other stuff … TV, Sports, Hiking, Etc. It’s all about priorities!


3. Don’t Feel Equipped or Qualified!

Too often those people think they are not equipped or qualified to share the gospel. The truth is we ALL are called to share the gospel. If you don’t know the answer. It is okay to say you don’t know. Tell them you will get back to them. This is why fellowship, Sunday School (Life Groups), Worship and reading your Bible is important. It helps to equip you. But, truthfully, even a new born Christian can witness!

4. Too Shy / Lack of Confidence!

Sometimes someone is too shy to get up and talk to strangers. God often calls us out of our comfort zone. Sometimes ice breaker conversations are great ways to lead into share the gospel. Talk about current events, weather, news, etc. Then as you can see body language open up, share the gospel! When one is shy they lack the confidence to share! They may lack in approach a person or even knowledge of what to share.

Plus, some people might not think they know it all, this goes hand and hand with not feeling qualified. They might fear the person they are going to talk to or uneasy about the person they are confronted with. Remember God directs our steps. He also directs the steps of others. He puts people in front of each other for a reason. This includes our cashiers at the store or even our waiter or waitress at the restaurant. Be Bold with Christ and share!

Bold Like Paul Revers Last Ride

5. Not Truly Saved!

I think this might be one of the biggest reasons. The person is not truly saved! They think they are, but they aren’t. They are still lost! When you are lost or blind, you won’t go seeking others who are lost or blind. If you are not saved, you cannot lead anyone to salvation. How can the blind lead the blind? They can’t! The guide must be able to see. Plus, if you are lost, you cannot help someone else that is lost. Doing that will just keep you two lost!

6. No vision for the lost!

If we don’t have a vision to see the lost saved, they will perish. We must have a zeal or concern for the lost to see they are saved. Plus, we don’t care that people are dying and going to hell every second. Perhaps that person we could have talked to could be there very lost moments of their lives. We are never promised tomorrow! That is why there is a since of urgency in sharing. When you look at the world, do you see the fields white to harvest? Do you also see the laborers are few?

Without a vision the people will perish

7. Don’t speak well enough!

Some people may say they don’t speak well enough. They will use this excuse as not to talk to others. Even Moses in the Bible tried to use this excuse not to free the Israelites from Egypt. However, God still provided and had a means. As you can see, Moses got bold by God and talked! God will use you, if you let Him. You must say Here am I! Use me! Even my pastor says when he was a child he had a lisp, a speech impediment. Look at him now, he is a pastor and gets in front of people every week to preach.

8. Assumptions of the other person!

Sometimes a Christian will assume the person is either saved or lost. They use a form of stereotyping based on looks or appearance. We have to remember God doesn’t judge a person on looks, but by the heart. You don’t know a person unless you bump them and see what spills out. Proof in the pudding! They will say oh yea, they are saved. Or they may say they are not saved. When in fact it could be the total opposite. Regardless if you think they are saved or not, we must still share the gospel!

Proofs in the Pudding

9. Afraid of what others think

Some Christians don’t witness because they are afraid of what others will think. They are more concerned with what man thinks than what God thinks. Not to mention, that Christian might be afraid people will make fun of them or hurt them. They don’t look at that we must please God not man. Plus, that Christian might also want to keep up their image they are known to have. They don’t want to be offend anyone or seem like a bigot. The truth does hurt. That is why the light exposes! It reveals things we don’t want to see.

Don’t worry about what the world thinks. Worry what God thinks.

10. Lack of trust

Another great reason is the Christian doesn’t totally trust God. If we totally surrendered our live to Christ, we would trust Him in everything. That includes going up to people and witnessing. Even if that means handing out gospel tracks. God will always provide. He will also shelter and protect! If we lose our life for Him, we gain eternal life with Him.

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Any more?

What are some reasons why you think people don’t evangelize? Your comments are welcome.

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