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What is the Best Vitamin for a Christian

Check out what this Jefferson City Church has on their church sign about the best vitamin for a Christian is. I saw this church sign from Jefferson City Church of Christ in Jefferson City, TN on my way to work on September 10, 2015. I had to stop and take a picture.

This church sign comes at a time when the world that is on a “vitamin craze”.

The Best Vitamin for a Christian is B1

The Best Vitamin for a Christian is B1

This church sign reads …

The Best Vitamin for a Christian is B1

I think that is a great church sign. The best way to be a Christian is to be one. If you say you are one, live like one; act like one. Don’t say you are and live like the devil. With Jesus we are a new creation. So people should know we are saved by the way we live and act. There is a saying, No Change, No Christ. Since Jesus Christ is the only one that changes us.

So what is a B1 vitamin?

It is known as thiamine or thiamin. It is one of 8 B vitamins. The B series vitamins help to give us energy as everyone says. I am not a doctor so I cannot say that it does or doesn’t. It is just what everyone says to take is B vitamins for energy.

Our Spiritual B1 vitamin!

But, the Bible tells us we cannot do anything on our own. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. (Philippians 4:13). So you can see we must get our daily vitamins in both physically and spiritually. Jesus Christ is our B1 vitamin. He is our strength. We must stay in the Word and Read the Bible Daily and be in prayer. Remember it is a personal relationship we have with Christ. We must communicate daily. That is where prayer comes into play.

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