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How to Put your Verizon iPhone to StraightTalk (BYOP)

How to Put your Verizon iPhone to StraightTalk (BYOP)

How to Put your Verizon iPhone to StraightTalk (BYOP)

Black iPhone - How to Put your Verizon iPhone to StraightTalk (BYOP)

Black iPhone

Before you couldn’t bring your Verizon branded iPhone to StraightTalk because it didn’t have a SIM card, like the AT&T branded iPhones. Recently Straight Talk, rolled out BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) program. You enter your MEID number and it will tell you if it can be imported or not. I put my old Verizon branded iPhone and it was able to change over.

All I had to do, was pay just under $8 for reprogramming. I had them apply the remained of my Straight Talk balance over to this phone from the old Straight Talk, Android phone. I had issues with the number they gave me, so I had to call tech support who walked me through it. I would guess about 30 minutes later, I was now from the old cheap Android phone, to my old Verizon iPhone 4.

Straight Talk is a great way to save money on cell phone bills, instead of having  a paid contract. It is $45 per month, plus taxes and fees. It is usually around $51 total, plus or minus.

Up next

Next up will be my daughters old iPhone brought onto Straight Talk network as well. That will come at a later date.

I am so glad to be back on the iPhone, I have missed it. I am a Mac Guru, I disliked the Android.

I believe it will work with other CDMA type phones that do not have SIM cards. You can visit their web site, link below, to find out if your phone is compatible with their system or not. I believe I read the only phone currently not supported are Blackberries.

I hope this helps!

For more information visit: straighttalkbyop.com

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