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SonShine Forever Church Sign

Oakland United Methodist Church | Forecast: The Son Will Shine Forever

Oakland United Methodist Church | Forecast: The Son Will Shine Forever

I saw this church sign as I was out and about on May 23, 2015. I wanted to share with my readers this church sign. This is from a church in Dandridge near the Jefferson City line. It is from Oakland United Methodist Church across from the Jefferson County High School.

This church says:

Forecast: The Son Will Shine Forever

This is so true, the Son, God’s Son, known as Jesus will shine forever. He is the light of the World. He is our king and will reign forever. That is a great church sign. Because the Son brings like just like the sun does. This is the best forecast of weather anyone can ever have.

This church signs reminds me of the one I took in the summer of 2012 from New Market United Methodist Church in New Market, TN. About God Reigns Son Shines. Plus in the Summer of 2013 a First Baptist Church in Strawberry Plains, TN had a similar sign Forecast – God Reigns Son Shines. You can click both links to see those church signs.

Even this New Market United Methodist Church Sign is about the Son pertaining to weather. Exposure to the Son Will Prevent Burning.

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