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The Shepherds Rod or The Kings Scepter or Both? or None?

Shepherds Rod or the Kings Scepter?

Shepherds Rod or the Kings Scepter?


Shepherds Rod or the Kings Scepter?

Pastor Bob was telling us that the Shepherds Rod and the Kings Scepter are the same thing. The reason behind this is …

He must be both king & shepherd in your life!

Below are from my own research and not from the sermon.

About the two – Shepherds Rod or the Kings Scepter


shepherd's rod

Example of a shepherd’s rod

About the Shepherd’s Rod: It has a hook which enables it to reach sheep from a distance. Shepherd’s Rod can also be used to help defend the sheet from attacks. It is also called a Shepherd’s Staff. The Shepherd’s Rod is about five to six feet in length. Known for Psalm 23, The Lord is my Shepherd by David. The Shepherd’s Rod is usually made out of wood.


King's Scepter

Example of a King’s Scepter

About the King’s Scepter: It is a symbolic ornamental staff or wand held in the hand by a ruling monarch, such as, a king or queen. The King’s Scepter usually has a royal insignia on it too. In addition, it usually shows divinity. Most of the times, you couldn’t talk to the king or queen unless the Scepter extended their scepter to you, such as that with Esther. See Esther 8:4.

Both are the same

In addition to the differences shown above, They both show authority and taking care over another. We have to also remember that Jesus Christ is the King of all Kings and He is the Great Shepherd. He is Lord of our lives!

In addition, both of these are a form of a staff and are held in the hand too.

So when you hear Shepherds Rod or the Kings Scepter you can say both!
First published March 19 2013. Republished with addition on August 28, 2016.
Based off Sermon at Piedmont Baptist Church by Pastor Bob Neal On the March 11, 2012 A.M.

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