Proverbs 1

As part of the 31 Day Proverbs Challenge, I am doing one chapter per day for 31 days since there are 31 chapters also in the Book of Proverbs. This is day 1 of 31, therefore I am focusing on Proverbs 1.

Proverbs 1

Today read the whole chapter of Proverbs 1.

Verse 7, is one of the most known verses in this chapter, shown below & graphic image.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,
But fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Proverbs 1:7 (image by Enfuzed)

Proverbs 1:7 (image by Enfuzed)


In this verse, it shows that if we want to have wisdom, we must fear God. This wisdom, may not be the wisdom you want, but the godly wisdom that God desires for you to have. חָכְמָה chokmah (khok·mä’) Lexicon #H2451 – Wisely, Skiful, WIts, Prudence, shrewdness.


Yes, The Bible says fool! אֱוִיל’eviyl (ev·ēl) Lexicon #H191 – unused root, perverse, despises wisdom, mocks when guilty, quarrelsome, licentious and silly. This looks very like our English word, evil. It almost sounds like evil too, almost. It also says that we are a fool if we do not want wisdom or instruction. The instruction God is talking about is learning about Him, striving to be more Christ-like. It can also include correcting by God too.


Now the Fear of God is not a fear where we are afraid of something, but more of a reverse or an awe, a type of respect, love and trust for God. יִרְאָה yir’ah (yir-aw’) Strongs Lexicon #H3374 shows reverence or respect type of fear.  We should also fear the judgement God has for us, if we don’t accept His Son or when we do wrong. We will have to answer for our sin, even though Christ died for us to save us from our sin. It is not a license to sin.

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Chapter One

Chapter one also goes on about honoring your father and your mother and to also try to stay away from anyone who tries to entice or tempts you to sin. It says to stay away from those who will try to get you to backslide or stumble, removing of hindrances. (Verses 8-19)

In verses 20-32, Wisdom takes the personality of a woman with a warning a warning of disaster if you don’t take heed. But she does offer success in these verses.

Share what you got out of reading Proverbs 1? What verse stood out to you and why? 

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