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Prayers for Lindt Cafe in Sydney from ISIS terror

Let’s keep those involved in a terror attack in Sydney Australia in prayers. Itis estimated 12-13 people are held hostage by ISIS at Lindt Cafe spot in Martin Place. Hostagesare seen forced holding the ISIS flag.

Not only for these people all people being persecute for Christ.

The Morning Show | Lindt Cafe held hostage by ISIS, hostages holding up ISIS flag

The Morning Show | Lindt Cafe held hostage by ISIS, hostages holding up ISIS flag


Plus prayers to ISIS that the may see the real light, Jesus Christ.

Just a side note … Look under the company name, Lindt, it says Merry Christmas. So Christ name is still getting out, because we know Christ is the most important part.

Saw this reported on Christian Today. Photo from The Morning Show.

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  1. My prayers are with the hostages and their families. I am in America and my heart is breaking to see innocent people being terrorized and victimized by the evil hand of ISIS. My god be with you. The evils of ISIS must be destroyed from society.

    1. Should pray the co!e to know Jesus.

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