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“Need You Now” 3 year old sings to Plumb

3 year old sings to Plumb

3 year old sings to Plumb  – Need You Now

Check out this cute 3 year old lip sing to Plumbs song “Need You Now”

It is precious. I think it is cute to see kids this passionate about Christian Music. This young girl sings her heart out. I don’t know her, but I can bet her favorite song and group is this one in the video, Need You Now by Plumb.

About this video per YouTube: 3-year-old Avery PASSIONATELY lip-syncing “Need You Now” by Plumb. So cute!! This is one of her favorite songs, and she often demands that we play it more than once. We caught her doing this right before we pulled into the driveway, and we were able to catch the last bit. She’s REALLY lip-syncing through almost the whole thing, and doesn’t start singing until the very end. This will make your day!1

My niece that is 6, at the time of this blog posting, her song she likes to sing to is God’s Not Dead by the Newsboys. It is cute to see young kids sing to today’s Christian Music. I hope and pray they keep the zeal and the fire for the Lord as they get older.

I encourage you to listen to nothing but Christian Music. I encourage you to only let your whole family listen to nothing but Christian Music. It is all that is allowed in my house. Check out the 30 Day Christian Music Challenge.

I also encourage you to get your children and family active in listening to Christian Music too!

Girl lip sings to Need You Now by Plumb

Girl lip sings to Need You Now by Plumb

1. YouTube

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