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National Men Make Dinner Day

It is interesting the bogged up, funny or interesting holidays that emerge.
Like National Men Make Dinner Day …

National Men Make Dinner Day is celebrated the first Thursday of November,
which in 2015 is November 5 and November 3, 2016 and then on November 2, 2017.

National Men Make Dinner Day

National Men Make Dinner Day

National Men Make Dinner Day image

Most households seem to have the women in the family be the primary cooks in the family. This day is set aside to allow the men of the house to cook dinner. I do know some households the men are the primary cooks, but this day is set a side for men to cook regardless if you cook normally or not.

So men, I encourage you to make a nice meal for your wife and the children. You can still wear your tool belt if you wish, just replace your traditional tools with kitchen utensils.

Canada by Sandy Sharkey, a Canadian radio announcer, claimed to started the holiday in 2001. But a magazine, Men’s Health, shared something about it in 2000.

I also think today more men do cook than ever before. I know for me being a single parent with custody, National Men Make Dinner Day is everyday for me. I am sure it could be the same for you. I do know that stay-at-home dads are more common today and the woman is working. Maybe both of you work, and take turns or the man is the one cooking.

There some crazy rules on the Men Make Dinner Day website, but I say as long as the man cooks today, that is great. I know you women at times wished your man would cook more. He shouldn’t have to have a holiday in order for him to cook. He should be able to step up and say, “Honey, Let me cook dinner tonight!”

Please note when I say men in the house, yes I am using plural. I am talking about the father and his sons. When I say women in the house I am talking about the mother and her daughters.

For more information visit: menmakedinnerday.com

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