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Leap Day

It’s Leap Day, some people call it Leap Year Day, which is an extra day to the year that happens every four years during a Leap Year. The last Leap Year was in 2012. The next Leap Year is in 2020. Check out these February Fun Facts! Including why we have Leap Day and a Leap Year.  You often see a frog associated with this day too, usually a leaping frog.

Just a side note if you were born on February 29, you are called a “leapling”. Sometimes they are called a “leap-year baby”. Usually on a non-leap year, they will celebrate their birthday either the day before (February 28) or the day after (March 1). Some legality of the day comes in different countries, like when you turn 18 or 21, usually it is March 1, not February 28, on years that are not a Leap Year.

Another strange thing was women could only propose on Leap Day. If the man refused he had to buy her like 12 pairs of gloves or something crazy like that. I am sure there are many other crazing things about this day too. I guess that is why in Ireland and the United Kingdom is it known as Bachelor’s Day.

So have you used this extra day of the year for God and tell others about Jesus?


Leap Day

Leap Day

Leap Day

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I am saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. I blog for God here at CourageousChristianFather.com. I serve as a youth leader, van driver and usher at my church. I also serve where ever else may be needed. I am working on a bachelor's degree in Theology. I also like to go out and hand out Gospel of John's and Gospel Tracts. I am a single father with custody of my almost adult child. I am a graphic designer too. Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle. I attained the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts of America in 1994.

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