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Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas (Review & Trailer)

Saving Christmas was not what I thought it would be. This film was more of a documentary. The beginning of the movie, I thought was very odd. The most of the movie, it was Kirk talking to his brother-in-law, in this movie about Christmas. His brother has this one idea that we shouldn’t have a Christmas Tree, we shouldn’t have this or that put up. Kirk talks to him and explains things to him in a Biblical view.

Kirk explains to Him about the true Santa Claus, he was Saint Nicholas, he was actually a defender of the Christian Faith.

He explains about the Christmas Tree, he was saying that it lights up like Jesus does, actually one of the actors at the Biblical Times Dinner Theater at The Christmas Story production shared a similar thing that the Christmas Tree lit up reminded her that Jesus is the light of the world. Also the stuff we put on the tree is similar to the fruit we as Christians should bare for God. Also other aspects of the Christmas tree like, we use an Evergreen and we get everlasting life with Christ. Plus more.

How about the manager? Kirk gives an interesting point on his perspective of that and even those soldiers, the nut crackers.

How about the Wise Men and the gifts they gave Jesus, the burial spices? Did they know He was going to be the Savior?

The film was different I will say, but it shed some new light and new eyes you can say on things we use for Christmas and how we can use it to benefit God. Yes, some of this stuff may or may not have Pegan roots, but then again, maybe the Pegan roots did come from God to begin with?

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Saving Christmas is only in theaters for 2 weeks starting November 14 and ending the 28, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. If you can check it out or wait for it to come out on DVD. Take the family!

Let’s put Christ back in Christmas with whatever we do, how ever we decorate. Anything about Christmas, let it honor Christ. 1 Corinthians 10:31 & Colossians 3:23

This review is based on my own opinion. I actually paid for tickets to go see this movie. So I wasn’t given admission for this review. Went to the $5.75 show at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 15, 2014 at the Morristown Carmike.

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