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It’s Not About the Bunny (Church Sign)

I am going to republish this Easter Church sign too, since Easter is almost here!

I passed this church sign in Jefferson City, TN on my way to work March 31, 2015. I took the picture April 1, 2015 on my way to work. I liked what it said. I wanted to share with the readers here. This is of the Jefferson City Assembly of God off Old Andrew Johnson Hwy.

It's Not About the Bunny, It's About the Lamb

It’s Not About the Bunny, It’s About the Lamb Church sign at Jefferson City Assembly of God

This sign reads,

“It’s Not About the Bunny, It’s About the Lamb”.

This reminds me of the graphic I shared: Silly Rabbit.
First Published April 1, 2015. Republished March 16, 2016.

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  1. Tracy Webb says:


  2. James Lisbon says:

    Wow, this sign seems to do a good job of conveying a message.   At least it would seem like it could help people think about the season and what they believe.   It is probably a good thing that there are different houses of religion for people to choose should they want to. http://www.newlifeinames.com/multipage.php?id=6359&

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