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Great Big Yes Official Music Video of Red Roots

Cause there’s a great big love From a great big God Who’s more than enough When He’s all you’ve got Let the God of all Comfort Calm all the thunder So you’ll never wonder…

This is the official music video of Red Roots and their new song “Great Big Yes” This is their release of their newest music video.

The video starts out with “For whom ever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

I never heard of this group until they contact me via CourageousChristianFather.com about this song and gave me some info about this band. They told me they are a Country Christian Band. I actually like their sound. Before I switched to all Christian Music, I only listened to Country mostly.

Natalie of Red Roots says, “It’s awesome to hear the feedback from people expressing their connection with scenes throughout the video. We hope it continues to touch many lives.” 

Red Roots features identical red-headed triplets, Nika, Nicole, and Natalie Taylor.

Great Big Yes 

Do you know somebody with a broken heart
Maybe the person in the mirror
Do you know somebody who’s gone too far
Wishing maybe they could disappear
Do their best but it’s never enough
Can’t seem to get unstuck
All day long you keep yourself running
When your head hits the pillow
The questions start comin’ like

Is anybody out there
Does anybody know me at all
Does anybody hear me
I’m on the edge and I’m trying not to fall
Is there anybody strong enough to fix this mess
The answer is a great big yes

Has your soul been longing for a whole lot more
Something bigger to believe in
Than all the stuff that didn’t work before
Right now you’re barely breathing
Gotta be something really real
To get ya off of that spinning wheel
Where everything’s a little unsure
And something inside you whispers

Cause there’s a great big love
From a great big God
Who’s more than enough
When He’s all you’ve got
Let the God of all Comfort
Calm all the thunder
So you’ll never wonder…

(Sam Mizell/ Briahnna Sullivan/ Kenna Turner West/ Kendall Young) (Christian Taylor Music (BMI))
Lyrics taken from their website & info was taken from e-mail sent to me.
For more information: theredroots.com

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  1. Not a fan of country but of a band that calls themselves Christian

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