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God Does Not Exist

God Does Not Exist … I am sure this title caught your attention right? In this YouTube Video, God Does Not Exist, a barber and a guy getting his hair cut. Check out how the one explains God Does Exist. The video is in another language, Spanish, but with subtitles in English.

Notice the man getting his hair cut is reading His Bible has he gets his hair cut.

About: We can often have great conversations when we’re getting our haircut. Set in a barber shop, this short film shows a conversation between two characters as they tackle the big question that has been a controversial debate for decades, ‘Does God Exist?’ A great watch that will affirm the existence of God in modern day context and in a practical and profound way. (English subtitles)

Below is the subtitles in English

God Does Not Exist


Hey … good morning

Mr. Luis

Hello! Good morning!


good, good

what are we doing today?

-very good …

Same as always?

Mr. Luis

Yes … same always … or similar to yours.


Excellent …

How’s the family? work?

Mr. Luis

Everything is great, Thank God!


very well … very well

(there is silence as the man reads his Bible and the barber cuts his hair)


We are ready

Just a little bit of cleaning and you will be fine.

Do you know something?

I don’t believe that God exists …

Why do you say that my friend?

It is very easy …

when we go out there, we realize that GOD DOES NOT EXIST

And if God really exists, then tell me …

Why are there so many people hurting?

Why are there so many kids abandoned? Sick people?

No my friend, if God would exist …

there wouldn’t be suffering

There wouldn’t be so much pain in the world …

I can’t understand how if there is a God, He allows all these things to happen.

Well … Until next time …

Have a nice day Mr. Luis.

(Then the customer leaves goes out side and sees a guy with long hair and brings him inside the barber shop)

Mr. Luis:

Do you know something?

Barbers do not exist.


What? And what am I?

Mr. Luis:

Barbers do not exist, because if they would exist …

there wouldn’t be people with long hair as this man has …


The barbers do exists …

the problem is that these people don’t come to me …

Mr. Luis:

Exactly! That is the point.

God Exists, the problem is people don’t go to Him,

That is why my friend …

there is so much pain and misery in this WORLD.

This is a good point! I think this video hit the nail on the head. That is true, God gives us free will. If we all truly accepted God like we should, the world would be much different. God does give us free will but God will also punish sin.

This video is done by YesHeIs.com

God Does Not Exist

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  1. Toria Lawson Toria Lawson says:

    Good read & video! God is good. This was a great message. Thank you.

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