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Go And Sin No More

Go And Sin No More - John 8:11

Go And Sin No More – John 8:11

Go And Sin No More

“Go And Sin No More.” These are the words that Jesus told the woman caught in adultery. (See John 8:11) Remember the town wanted to stone her. Jesus told them, he without sin to throw the first stone. Jesus was the only one who didn’t sin and could have thrown a stone at her. But He knew she was changed from that moment on. He gave her a simple words of advice. “Go And Sin No More.” 

This is also a great sign of forgiveness. Christ forgives us. There is nothing that can’t be forgiven. Well, just one and that is the rejection of Jesus. You don’t want to die rejecting Jesus.

The woman caught in adultery can be found in John 8:1-12.

The scribes and Pharisees wanted to try to trick Jesus, but we know Jesus cannot be mocked nor tricked. This is because He is the Son of God. He was God in the flesh.

We are sinful people. Christ died for our sins. But that doesn’t give us the license to sin. What Jesus is telling us, that we must repent, or turn away, a change in direction from the sinful lifestyle we are living. It tells us to leave our life of sin.

We are a new creation in Christ. (1 Corinthians 5:17) The old is gone and the new is here. We will not have a desire to sin. When we do, we know it and want to repent and turn away. Sin separates us from God. We cannot have a full worship experience with open sin. That is why we must restore that relationship with Christ. It is not a religion that saves us, but a person, that person is Jesus Christ. That personal relationship we have with Him.

God will now allow a Christian to sin successfully. They will have remorse and feel bad about the way they are living or sinning. This is a good sign that you are saved. If you have no desire to change your lifestyle of living in sin, you may want to check your salvation or restore your relationship with Christ.

We all have a sin that we are drawn to. The thing with being a Christian is overcoming that sin that draws us and keeps us away from God. Don’t let the devil tell you it is okay. He is the father of lies. We must turn away from that sin that so sets us apart from God. Give it to Him! That is a total surrender to Him.

We will always sin, because we are born with the sin nature. We just need to strive to be like Jesus who was sinless. When we pass onto Heaven, we will be given a body that of Christ. A Body that is controlled by the Spirit, not the flesh. So when we go to Heaven, we will no longer sin.

I pray that you can turn away and repent! Turn away from that sin that beseeches you.

I also believe that the Go and Sin No More was a warning to this woman. Warning her that she could have been put to death by those men. They had a right to stone her based on the law. But he told her this, that worse could happen to you if you continue to live that way. I believe this could be a warning about our eternal punishment at Judgement day that day that determines our final destination.

So when we see the Go and Sin No More let it remind you of the punishment we could face when we meet God on judgement day.

This not only applies to our open sin but that secrete sin too. A secret sin is one you think no one knows. But there is someone that knows. That is our Heavenly Father

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