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Do you know who John Lennon is? How about the Beatles? Find out if these people know who Lennon is or even the Beatles. Find out who John Lennon said the Beatles were more popular than in this video. How did John Lennon die? Find out in this video as well.

Find out if these people Comfort talks to believes in Heaven or not. Find out if these people Comfort talks to will take this large sum of money or not. Also find out if they would kill someone for money.

Where do you get your morals from? Comfort also talks to people about evolution and the big bang theory. Find out Lennon’s believe, did he believe in evolution or not. That is revealed in this video too.

Can you sing? Find out if these people in the video can sign. Do you over rate yourself?

Are you a good person? See if these people believe they are are good person.

So what did Lennon think about Christianity? Was he once a Christian?

John Lennon passed away December 8, 1980.

John Lennon was born October 9, 1940



Watch this video to find out why it will rock your soul.

This video is done with Ray Comfort, Way of the Master.

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I am saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. I blog for God here at CourageousChristianFather.com. I serve as a youth leader, van driver and usher at my church. I also serve where ever else may be needed. I am working on a bachelor's degree in Theology. I also like to go out and hand out Gospel of John's and Gospel Tracts. I am a single father with custody of my almost adult child. I am a graphic designer too. Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle. I attained the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts of America in 1994.

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  1. Becky Blanton says:

    Lennon was a satanist and sold his soul to the devil. http://www.traditioninaction.org/Questions/B240_Lennon.html

  2. You watch video? It talks about his one blashamy song.

  3. Becky Blanton says:

    He had more than one. The “Butcher” album with decapitated babies, and MOST of the Beatles songs, history and actions were satanic and ritually motivated.

  4. Yeap why the video will shake your soul. Who he claimed be more popular than. They are reason people think.of rock of being of the devil.

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