Free Christian Music Downloads

Want to get some free Christian music downloads?

I have complied a list of Christian Music (Contemporary and Gospel Music) that is free for you to download. Most sites you sign up for free. Most of them update a new song to download every week, usually on Tuesday. Bookmark this page and come back to it once a week to get more free Christian Music. Build that Christian Music library. Only listen to Christian Music. Maybe this is a good way to take the 30 day Christian Music challenge.

Free Christian Music

Free Christian Music

Below is a list of places to download your free Christian Music.


CCM Magazine:
This one seems to have new a song each week.

This one often has 2 new songs each week.

New Release Tuesday:
This one has several new songs each week.
This one has a variety of ones you can choose to download.

This one has one new song each week.

This one has a new one each week.

Noise Trade
This one you can keep downloading a variety of songs, but you must enter your e-mail for each song. They send you a link then you can download that song.

Jesus Freak Hideout
Thanks Ryan for informing me of this site. This one seems to have a variety that you can download.

We Are Worship
This one offers a new song weekly.


Gerry Asmus:
This one has a one time download.

Jubilee Page CXVI
This one has a one time download.

Five & 2 – Daniel & Laura Kachelmayer
This one has a one time download.

Covenant 31
This one has a one time download.

Greg Howlett
(Till Dec 31, 2013) *1 Full CD

Worship Forward
This one has a one time download, 15 songs.

Support the Sound!
This has a one time download.

Limited time, 2 song downloads.

The Band Justus
One Time Download

Sandy Harless
This one is a one time download of a complete album.

Come back once a week!

Most of these sites above have new songs each week. So it’s worth coming back to this post each week. Usually Tuesday is when most of these have the newest downloads. This way once a week you can add new music to your Christian Music library

Please bookmark this post as I will add more and more to it.

Help me build this list …

If you know of other sites that give away “FREE” Christian Music. Please note it must be Christian music, I will add it to the list. Feel free to leave a comment of other sites you use use to get Free music. It must be legal too. You may also use my contact form to send it to me too.

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23 thoughts on “Free Christian Music Downloads

  1. I looked at the list and bookmarked them. Thank you for sharing. I did not see Gospel Music Channel on your list. But they also have a free weekly download. I think that theirs is on Monday.

  2. Another Website would be
    you would have to sign up (free). It is the Kingsway record label’s website, there are new downloads on the American version every Tuesday and new downloads on the UK version every Friday on left side in blue. :)
    You can switch versions by clicking on the little flag icon in the very top left corner of the page.

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