Free Christian Music Downloads

Want to get some free Christian music downloads?

I have complied a list of Christian Music (Contemporary and Gospel Music) & Christian Audio Book Downloads that are free for you to download. Most sites you sign up for free. Most of them update a new song to download every week, usually on Tuesday.

The Below list include Christian Rock, Christian Rap, Christian R&B, Christian Hip-Hop, Christian Heavy Metal, Christian Hardcore Rock, Faith-Based Music, Encouraging Music, Positive Music, etc. Basically it’s all clean good music to listen to no matter your genre of music you enjoy best.

Bookmark this page and come back to it once a week to get more free Christian Music. Build that Christian Music library. Only listen to Christian Music. Maybe this is a good way to take the 30 day Christian Music challenge. Some of these are local indie Christian Bands or less known but good Christian Bands. Even some are some old school Christian bands too.

Free Christian Music

Free Christian Music

Below is a list of places to download your free Christian Music.

Audio Book Downloads

NEW! Christian
This one has one free Christian audio book download each month.


Salt of the Sound:
They say they update once a month with new songs. (songs come from NoiseTrade to download)

CCM Addict:
This one has several to download, not sure yet if they update regularly or not.

CCM Magazine:
Use to update once week with a new song, but lately seems to do a new song here and there, but still worth a check for new Christian Music.

This one often has 2 new songs each week.

New Release Tuesday:
This one has several new songs each week.
This one has a variety of ones you can choose to download.

This one has one new song each week.

This one has a new one each week.

Noise Trade
This one you can keep downloading a variety of songs, but you must enter your e-mail for each song. They send you a link then you can download that song.

Jesus Freak Hideout
Thanks Ryan for informing me of this site. This one seems to have a variety that you can download.

We Are Worship
This one offers a new song weekly.


NEW! Cross Pointe
Have a song to download.

NEW! Brian Dale:
A few songs to download via ReverbNation.

A Few songs to download on Noisetrade.

Christian Music
Sign Up and they will send you a 30 day devotional and one free song download for 30 days as well.

Saving Darkness:
1 Song Download via Reverbnation. A great band I got to meet them in person.

Whosoever South:
Some song downloads via Reverbnation.

Letter 7:
Song downloads via Reverbnation.

Samuel Elias:
There are several songs to download for free via Reverbnation.

Never Forsaken:
A few free songs at this time, you must go to the Contact Us Tab, Under that is EPK Download. It will download a zip file with photos and mp3s.

Unbroken by Disciple:
Free song download by Disciple of Unbroken via SoundCloud.

Sampler of music by Shea via Noisetrade.

Finial Surrender – Several Song Downloads:
Several song downloads via REVERBNATION.

Noteworthy – One Song Download:
One Song Download via REVERBNATION

Bloodgood – One Song Download:
One song download via REVERBNATION.

Universal Disciple – Several Songs:
Several Rap Christian Songs to download via REVERBNATION.

Gospel Boys – Several Song Downloads –
Several song downloads via REVERBNATION.

Theocracy – One Song Download:
One time download song via REVERBNATION

Messenger – Several Songs:
Several one time download songs via REVERBNATION

WhiteCross – Several Songs:
Several song, one-time download via REVERBNATION.

Petra – Holy Is Your Name:
This is a one time download, limited time only of their song Holy Is Your Name, which is going to be featured on their 40th Anniversary CD.

Altar Billies – Several Songs:
One time song downloads, they have several right now via REVERBNATION
Right now a couple of them are Christmas Songs.

Nostalgia – ReKindle the Flame:
One time song download via REVERBNATION. I know Brian, lead singer. This is a very good band. Must have to your collection!

Gerry Asmus:
This one has a one time download.

Jubilee Page CXVI
This one has a one time download.

Five & 2 – Daniel & Laura Kachelmayer
This one has a one time download.

Covenant 31
This one has a one time download.

Greg Howlett
(Till Dec 31, 2013) *1 Full CD

Worship Forward
This one has a one time download, 15 songs.

Support the Sound!
This has a one time download.

Limited time, 2 song downloads.

The Band Justus
One Time Download

Sandy Harless
This one is a one time download of a complete album.

Come back once a week!

Most of these sites above have new songs each week. So it’s worth coming back to this post each week. Usually Tuesday is when most of these have the newest downloads. This way once a week you can add new music to your Christian Music library

Please bookmark this post as I will add more and more to it.

Help me build this list …

If you know of other sites that give away “FREE” Christian Music. Please note it must be Christian music, I will add it to the list. Feel free to leave a comment of other sites you use use to get Free music. It must be legal too. You may also use my contact form to send it to me too.

If you are a local or new Christian band and have free song downloads, let me know where and I will add this to the list. Indie bands too!

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Originally post and regularly updated since February 29, 2012. Also will be regularly republished from time to time.

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Hello could anyone please tell me where I could download the song (Come As You Are ) from the Crowder Band thanks Connie

ChristianBlogR moderator

@Connie Right now there isn't one free to download legally. Just keep on eye out on these sources, it just might one day be the one, but right now you will need to pay to get it via iTunes or Amazon. Thanks for the comment Connie. God Bless.

Steve Patterson
Steve Patterson

Thanks Josh, I appreciate the new link. I will have to check that link out and get it added to the list. Thanks for reading. God Bless!


You can download my entire album free any time at or Blessings to you!

Steve Patterson
Steve Patterson

Hey thank you I'll check that out download it and I also add it to the list above


Another Website would be you would have to sign up (free). It is the Kingsway record label's website, there are new downloads on the American version every Tuesday and new downloads on the UK version every Friday on left side in blue. :) You can switch versions by clicking on the little flag icon in the very top left corner of the page.

Steve Patterson
Steve Patterson

Thanks, I added your this link to the list in the blog entry. Thanks for the comment.

Steve Patterson
Steve Patterson

At this I have noticed both Air1 and K-Love no longer give a free downloaded song. But keep checking. Never know if they will again. Do you know sites I have not listed? Share with me.

Lora Wise
Lora Wise

I looked at the list and bookmarked them. Thank you for sharing. I did not see Gospel Music Channel on your list. But they also have a free weekly download. I think that theirs is on Monday.

Steve Patterson
Steve Patterson

Just a note K-Love & Air One no longer have the free song downloads at this time.

Lora Wise
Lora Wise

Thanks. I know that CCM and GMC are two places to get free downloads.

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