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Fellowship Tract League

One of the tract sites that I use and hand out come from the Fellowship Tract League. They have these printed on plain paper and usually in 2 colors, some in full color. I found out about these from the Jefferson County Baptist Association in 2013.

They have a wide variety of tracts you can choose from. They will mail then to you for free or you may donate to help offset shipping cost. They have tracts in a wide variety of languages as well. I believe one of the most comprehensive list of tracts that I have seen so far.

My Fellowship Tract League Tracts

Samples of Fellowship Tract League Gospel Tracts

Pictured and listed below are just a few of the many Gospel Tracts Fellowship Tract League has …

  • All This I Did For Thee
  • I am a Pretty Good Person
  • Are You A Christian?
  • Death It Happens Every Day (2 versions)
  • Someday You Will Stand Before God …
  • The Ten Commandments
  • God’s Last Name Is Not Damn
  • God Love You
  • How To Get On Target
  • The Blood
  • The Burning Hell
  • ABC It’s Simple To Be Saved

Fellowship Tract League also has a newsletter, called ontract. They also have a place for prayer request too on their web site.

If you live near Lebanon, OH the Fellowship Tract League could always use volunteers for a few hours every Tuesday to “break” rubber and and box the tracts. With lunch provided at noon. To help please call 514-494-1075. This will be great for group activities and service. (Volunteer info taken from Summer 2013 issue of ontract.)

Do you use them for your tracts? Share with me your experience using their tracts. Is there a tract site that you use, that sends free tracts to you? Please feel free to share with me.

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More information can be found at:

First published September 6, 2013. Republished September 15, 2015.

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I am saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. I blog for God here at CourageousChristianFather.com. I serve as a youth leader, van driver and usher at my church. I also serve where ever else may be needed. I am working on a bachelor's degree in Theology. I also like to go out and hand out Gospel of John's and Gospel Tracts. I am a single father with custody of my almost adult child. I am a graphic designer too. Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle. I attained the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts of America in 1994.

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  1. Brotha DC says:

    We used those tracts many, many moons ago. They were cheap and effective. Then, we stretched our wallet to use the little comics from Jack Chick. Now, we make our own tracts (you can see them at link2power.org) and give them to ministries we support.

    1. Nice That is awesome. I have 3 designs that I have made and plan to get printed up. I have 2 other designs in mind too.

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