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Exposure to the Son Will Prevent Burning

I saw this on a church sign on my way home from work today. I liked it and figured I would share this with you all in my blog. This was taken from the New Market United Methodist Church in New Market, TN – West end of the sign.

Exposure to the Son will prevent burning

What does this mean you may ask? Well if you are a Christian and have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you are Saved. Jesus died for our sins so we can have everlasting life with Him and our Father in Heaven. Reason we are saved from burning is because we are not going to go to hell and be in the lake of fire. If you are not saved you will go to the Lake of Fire and Satan will have torture over you. So Jesus saves us from that. Jesus is the Son of God.

Church sign - Exposure to the Son will prevent burning - New Market United Methodist Church

Church sign – Exposure to the Son will prevent burning – New Market United Methodist Church

I will also start remember to take pictures some church sign messages that I feel lead to share with you all. 

The other side of the sign has a totally different saying. (Click here to see what the other side reads)

You can say Jesus is our Son Screen (Sun Screen)


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