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Dress In Blue Day

Dress In Blue Day a day to wear blue to raise colon cancer awareness. This movement came from the Colon Cancer Alliance and for everyone to wear blue this one day of the month to help raise awareness for colon cancer.

Dress In Blue Day

Date: First Friday in March each year
Company: Colon Cancer Alliance
Web site: ccalliance.org/awareness-month/dress-in-blue-day

Dress In Blue Day - Steve in Blue #DressInBlueDay #BlueDay

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month.  ‘Dress in Blue Day’ was first launched in 2009 by the Colon Cancer Alliance in a massive nationwide campaign to raise awareness of colon cancer. Colon cancer is always known as colorectal cancer. Anita Mitchell is the founder, diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer and lost a close friend and father to the disease

A blue star symbolizes both the memory of loved ones lost to colon cancer, those fighting with the colon and cancer for those future patients of colon cancer too.

Observed on the first Friday of March each year, the Dress in Blue Day program promotes awareness about colon cancer and encourages individuals to get their colon checked. Some businesses and schools will allow students and workers to wear blue on this day for a small fee, such as one dollar. Then the money raised would go to help colon cancer research.

I see a Gastroenterologist on a regular basis. I get both colonoscopy and endoscopy done every five years. After I reach a certain age. That is when, I will have yearly screenings instead. I do have digestive medical issues. I have since I was a teenager.

Wear Blue to raise awareness!

This year, 2017, Dress in Blue Day is March 3, 2017.

Future Dress in Blue Days.
  • 2018 – March 2
  • 2019 – March 1
  • 2020 – March 6
  • 2021 – March 5
  • 2022 – March 4


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For more Information visit CCalliance.org

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