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Christmas is all about Jesus signs

Christmas is all about Jesus signs – Several pastors from Clarksville, TN area are wanting to everyone to know … These Tennessee pastors are putting up Christmas is all about Jesus” signs, at least one in every county of the state of Tennessee.Tennessee has 95 counties. Plus these pastors wish this could go Nationwide too.

“Christmas is all about Jesus”

Christmas Is All About Jesus-Signs

Christmas is all about Jesus signs

Jimmy Terry of Tabernacle Baptist Church continues his mission to make the entire month of December a celebration of Jesus.He has printed thousands (I saw one report saying 17,000 were printed – costing around $30,000) of these yard signs. Also on board to help this mission are Pastor Bobby Kail of Fairview Baptist Church, Pastor James Shepherd of New Faith Baptist Church in Palmyra and Dwight Dickson, a deacon at First Baptist Church in Clarksville, TN. These pastors hope this movement can help the nation, maybe more states get involved in a mission like this. These pastors are wanting to take a stand against the commercialization of Christmas and put its focus back on Christ.

The goal is to put up 100 signs and at least one in each of the 95 counties. These signs are free, but donations are welcome to help offset cost. At the time of this posting he has help in  20 counties so far, and he urges his supporters to help him make this program known to their Christian friends across the state.

Terry also hopes that next year it will be done nation wide.

“We must share this story,” Terry said. “We need pastors, deacons and Sunday school teachers to help us carry this message across the state. This is Jesus’ birthday we’re celebrating. On December 25 we should have fireworks going off across this entire nation.”

Since News 2 story ran on December 2, 2015, Pastor Terry has been contacted by people from east Tennessee, Atlanta, Georgia, Alabama and Illinois requesting signs.

No word on how to contact them at the time of this posting. When I do, I will update this post with that contact information. They email I saw on one article, that email address bounced back to me.


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