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Calming of the Storm

Calming of the Storm

Calming of the Storm

Captain ChristianBlogR here again sharing more Bible Stories of the Sea with you. Can you imagine being at sea on a boat and a mighty storm, hurricane like comes about. You are a sleep and calm, but the rest of the crew is panicking and running about like chickens when their heads cut off. That is exactly what happened to these men aboard this ship.

These men were trying to cross to the other side of the sea. They had just left the multitude. Then men that were running around the ship in a panic, went up to Jesus and awoke Him. They said to Jesus, teacher, we are about to die. Just then, Jesus got up and rebuked, he commanded the winds to cease, he said, “Peace, be still!” and the winds calmed.

Jesus also asked the crew, why there were so fearful? He said you have no faith! The men were puzzled because they were unsure who he is, that even the winds obeyed Him.

This shows that even if we are facing death, that we cannot fear death or anything that comes in our way. That Jesus Christ has total control over that. Also regardless of the storm, we should praise Him in the storm and praise Him in the calm times too. Check out this video Praise you in the storm.

This was just another one of the great miracles performed by Jesus, this also shows that the winds and the waves above Him.

Read about this story in Mark 4:35-41; Matthew 8:23-27

Bible Stories of the Sea


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  1. Henry Doty Henry Doty says:

    ~A~M~E~N~ May we never fear the storm but trust God to see us through

  2. Yes so true, we must also keep our eye on Jesus not the storm, if we take our eyes off Jesus, we will sink.

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