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10 Dangers Children Can Face While Being Online

10 Dangers Children Can Face While Being Online Internet Safety For Children is very important to help keep your kids safe while they are online.Three are various dangers kids can face when they are surfing online. One of them is stranger danger. A stranger can start to talk to them and if the child is not careful he or she can give out a lot of information. Plus, if you do not have the right blocking apps, children can be subject to unwanted or inappropriate advertisements that pop up.

10 Dangers Children Can Face While Being Online

With technology today it is very easy for children to get online. They can get online on a computer, tablet, cell phone, video game systems and much more. Parents need to be on the know on what their children are into while being online. While watching what our children are doing while they are online is the one of the best things we can do, we however, cannot be with them all the time they are online.

10 Dangers Children Can Face While Being Online

  1. Pornography & Inappropriate Content
  2. Stranger Danger
  3. Sexting
  4. Cyber Stalking, Cyber Bullying, and Harassment
  5. Predators
  6. Privacy Concerns
  7. Damaged Reputations
  8. Phishing Schemes (Falling for Scams)
  9. Downloading Malware/Viruses/Spyware
  10. Gambling

There are many more risk children and even us adult face while we are online. But as a parent we should be more proactive in what we have our children watch, see and do on the internet. Setting guidelines is very helpful too!

It is important to keep your children safe while they are online. Familoop is a Parent Control software to help safeguard your family. This program will help analyze your child’s activities as they are online. This software is not only available for PC and Mac computers, but it is also available also available as a tablet and phone app for Apple and Android. Familoop Safeguard. a superior parental control software that provides parents with a snapshot view of their kids’ digital friends, interests and intents. The tool is designed to identify digital threats like communicating with strangers or cyber bullying timely and help parents with protection of their kids online. You can protect kids too! Not to mention you can help with child monitoring too with Familoop Web Filter.

Familoop Safeguard also
  •  Blocks unsafe content & search results
  • Knows where your child is at all times
  • Manages Games & Device Usage
  • Controls Social Media
  • Allows you to know who your child is communicating with
  • What your child does while online

Familoop was launched September 2015. You can learn more about Familoop Safeguard by visiting: www.familoop.com

This is an advertorial for Familoop Safeguard.


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